Awesome, amazing females which are all members of our Ulysses ‘tribe’.

Awesome, amazing females which are all members of our Ulysses ‘tribe’.   

Each one has a different body shape, different mindset, different lifestyle, different careers yet they all have one thing in common.  A love for CrossFit, or rather a love for Ulysses.

All ages, shapes, weights and sizes yet they all train together, they all train the same way, and they all inspire each other daily. 

In today’s modern world, females get caught up in the media propaganda of how slim, how beautiful, how much money, how big lips, how slay, how fashion; the list seems endless from posts on Facebook and Instagram or how we should look and feel and how today’s society seems to be following a trend of “Facebook models” and “insta hoes”….

At Ulysses we are different.  We encourage our females to be strong, understanding, independent, healthy, happy, confident and we always lift each other up. We never judge and we definitely don’t get caught up in the ‘how’ population!

Let’s teach our daughters and granddaughters that it’s ok to be different, it’s ok to be strong, it’s ok to be independent. It’s ok to slay in the right way and it’s definitely ok to be ‘themselves’.  

Let’s be pretty..  Pretty smart, pretty strong, pretty much anything you want to be, because with the Ulysses females, we know we can achieve anything with our strong tribe around us. 

Mother’s, grandmother’s, daughters, sisters, partners, wives, friends and family.   We are them all at Ulysses and you’ll find us all throwing around barbells 🏋ïļâ€â™€ïļ,  running but not around in circles ðŸĪŠ, making gains 💊 with kettlebells, jumping as high as the fives we all give each other 🖐ïļ.  We’re a tribe and we love one another for the awesome females we are.   We take care of each other, we support and cheer each other on.  We push each other to be better, we help and listen and most importantly we all understand that we are different in our own unique ways.  

Ulysses and the amazing females will have you feeling the best version of yourself from the very moment you walk through the door.   Surround yourself with females that inspire you, help you and support you.   Surround yourself with the Ulysses tribe and who knows what you can achieve. 

Yvonne Osborne

Team Ulysses

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