Me, my why and what drives me?

Me, my why and what drives me?

I grew up never meeting my father, my mother being beaten by guys and life in teenage years got no better. I was bullied for 5 years in secondary school, bounced around relationships 16-21 trying to fix girlfriends until I joined the army.  All these led to lack of confidence, bouncing around broken homes and hating conflict. As much as loved the initial buzz of fitness I didn’t fit in the army due to male ego’s and didn’t agree with respect the rank and not the person.

I’ve seen in the last few years people close to me including the death of my own mother , friends parents die too. Its something I wouldn’t wish on anyone and we look as a Family/Tribe/Community to anyway we can reduce Lifestyle diseases and chronic illnesses in ourselves, our families, friends and the Tees valley community.  I think a lot of these can be avoided or at least reduced and I want the Ulysses community to be the epicentre for change. Affecting others with knowledge of gut health, sleep, fitness, nutrition, movement, light exposure, the list goes on!

These simple beginnings have shown me where my why and core belief comes from, the belief that form our why and culture at Ulysses.

Integrity- Doing the right thing and challenging others to do so.

Fun- Fitness is just a byproduct of what we do, making the hour you spend with us each day as fun and memorable as possible.

Trust- Trust like any relationship, family or organisation must come 1st. Trust in our cause to improve the lives of us and those around us. Trust the person next to you, the people in front and behind. Trust the process.

Leaders and leadership- You don’t need to be in a position of power to be a leader, lead by good example so that others may do the same. Lead beyond Authority.

No Egos- We are all equal here, At Ulysses we have Managers, CEO’s, Teachers, police to students. Our positions mean nothing, we are not our jobs and We are all equal as we are members of the tribe.

Thinking as a team- We don’t complain, we feedback. There is a difference. We craft ideas and discuss the benefits and drawbacks to any idea. Always starting with why?

Help First- Help first and be rewarded with a bathing of oxytocin the love hormone. Oxytocin is a feel good hormone and  It plays a role in social bonding in the tribe and helping others. It’s how humans survived, in a tribe working together. Helping others naturally feels good.

Support others- Be supportive of those next to you in class, the staff, family, friends and strangers. Pay it forward!

Caring- Our members don’t  care what we know until they know we care.

My realisation since the loss of my mother 2 years ago has made me find my why. I now realise from trying to fix broken relationships growing up I was just trying to help people. Mostly I wanted to be loved, respected and be part of a family/Tribe. I am as you know now happily married, the happiest ever in work. . My beautiful wife supports me in what I do and I feel I’ve found the perfect team after 3 years of trying. I believe any issue I’ve ever had leads down to poor communication and turns out I wasn’t communicating my why, something I’m striving to improve in order to help others.

We human animals seek groups of like minded people where we have the same beliefs known as culture. Our culture is of integrity where we always are expected to do the right thing, where we support each other wins and losses in relationships, marriages, births, deaths and more. We don’t complain and believe everyone is equal. Our open-door policy means we expect feedback from members and staff, not gossiping or inciting mutiny behind closed doors. We realise that every decision we make affects both mine and our staff’s family, our livelihoods and futures. Think before we speak. Knowing our  why helps shape the beliefs who want to join our cause.

With adopting the same beliefs going forward, using the Ulysses vision to make Our tribe healthier, happier, more supportive and humbler whilst affecting positively friends, family and loved ones around us.

We thrive with positive influences and challenge any negativity. . We have already started goal setting sessions to help you find your why, this will be further improved  with interviews of new and leaving members that should help strengthen and support our culture by communication.

We now realise we don’t sell fitness, we sell a limited number of memberships into a tribe of like minded, supportive professionals which is its greatest value.  An intangible that cannot be grasped or replicated elsewhere and that’s why I believe we are not rivalled.

There are plenty of gyms with shiny equipment, provide low cost training, have cool Programmeming  and so on. There is a gym for everyone and we’ll even help you find one if our culture isn’t for you.

We share and think of others first. We are members of the tribe first, athletes second.

We want seeds to be grown,  we will farm and grow these seeds, breed them into strong trees. Trees have strong branches that can support and shade those underneath as they grow and one day bear fruit. Fruit and food for the tribe.

I started Ulysses in April 2016, almost 3 years which is scary! I did what all business owners do at the beginning, they just look for customers. We now know the type of people that will support our beliefs and vision going forward and look to find more of us like minded hard working people.

We don’t just want clients , we want members that respect our beliefs and others in he tribe. In return they get our love, help, advice, attention, support and the best hour of their day.  

Weirdly enough, Ancestrally we lived in tribes of generally no more than 150 apparently, it explains why cultures are hard to manage when they grow over 100. Communication is the key, something we are humbly trying to improve on so please keep coming to us with ideas and feedback.

A limited edition members only club where we stand back to back in conflict and hand in hand in celebration.  We don’t seek greed, just a place to support our families and grow strong trees.

You know our why

Will you share yours with the tribe??


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