More is not more & a very recent mistake! 

More is not more & a very recent mistake! 

So I wanted to share my most recent experience with you guys with the hope that it helps reinforce what we say when we ask you guys to chill, or not take on a movement before your ready. 

I’ve been doing CrossFit for 3 years now & have made every mistake you can do, training through injury, over Programmeming, not following a Programmeme & not working mobility. Last Friday I made another mistake.

So last Fridays workout was 110 GHD & 55 STOH. Now as an athlete I love the GHD machine, I’ve used it many times, in many workouts & would say I have a good threshold and adaptation to it. Now this is where my problem started. 

Friday was my rest day, I had trained all week leading up to this. Anywhere between 5-7 sessions in 4 days with mixed modalities, however I havent done GHD for ages & being a t-rex armed individual STOH is my jam. That morning I was also coaching & seen Ben do the workout, I instantly got excited. I’d get to go head to head with the coach & do movements I enjoyed and had not touched in a while. Win win. 

Now at this point I want to tell you I was shattered, I had done the late thursday night & was in the friday morning, very little sleep & it was the end of the week. I had spent Friday afternoon laid on the sofa chilling out & come workout time although still tired thought I could get through. I took my usual pre workout & the excitement of the occasion carried me through. Also remember that Friday night was blistering hot, I probably hadn’t drank enough water during the day & this showed as I got a massive headache after the workout. Anyway I got the time i wanted, i recovered & head home. Then get a message off Dave “do you want me to coach team wod tomorrow so you can join in, i know you enjoy them”. Again I know I shouldn’t so I reluctantly um and ah over it, however when I come in the next day I see its 1RM snatch. I don’t see anything else but this & instantly go through the excitement and process I done before. Now if any of you know GHD doms don’t kick in until two days later, so I crack on with team wod & throw in another 60 sit ups for the banter.

Here comes Sunday morning, I’m absolutely crippled. Ab doms are real, however it’s the day after so I brush it off. They will calm down or pass, they never. If any of you have seen me over the last two days you have seen me struggle to do anything, I’ve been hunched over, cant fully extend or be able to train. I’ve done maybe 10% of my Programmeming I’ve needed to and with absolutely no intensity or purpose. 

So for me there is 3 major take away points

1. Trust the process – trust what your coaches Programmeme & tell you to do.

2. More is not better – over training is real, extra volume does not equal extra gains.

3. Listen to your body – even if it isn’t your rest day & your body is off. Listen to it. It knows better than any Programmeme.


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