Summer holidays are upon us and how do we stay on track?

Summer holidays are upon us and how do we stay on track? Whether you have a big holiday booked, a few weekends away, BBQ’s or parties to attend, sometimes it’s hard to stay on track of our eating.

What ever you have planned for the summer, there is no reason to stray too much from your plan or have extended days off! Firstly you don’t want to undo much of your hard work and secondly you really don’t want to have to work off all those extra calories, do you?

Here are a few tips to help you keep on track.. Remember healthy habits are for everyone, from your granny to your children, so helping yourself also helps them too.

1. Keep tracking everything in My Fitness Pal. That includes your alcohol intake and any “naughty things you’ve consumed”. Even if you go over, it’s ok. Track it and move on. Be aware of what you’ve consumed and don’t beat yourself up over it!

2. Always eat your vegetables/salad first. For every meal you’re consuming filling up with these first will help you eat less calories throughout your day/Holiday.

3. Try to plan your meals as much as you can. Find a restaurant that has a menu online for you to check out before you go, and make sure they serve fresh veg/salad, even if it’s a side dish. If you’re all inclusive you can usually see what’s on the menu for the day, so try to plan what you’re going to eat to take away the temptation to fill your plate with chips and unhealthy options. If you’re going to a BBQ, take your own protein bread and side salad and once you have your meal from the BBQ, walk away from the food table while you eat, taking away the temptation to pick. Try to carry/buy snacks in advance if you’re travelling too. Not only will you know you’re staying on track, you’ll also feel a whole lot better for it too.

4. Be careful of your alcohol intake. Try to avoid sugary drinks as much as possible. Stick to clear spirits with a mixer of tonic or sparkling water, of go for low sugar wine. This will help cut your calorie intake and help you not have that alcohol sugar crash too. Remember to track all your alcohol too. We all know it’s empty calories, but please still track them and be honest with yourself too.

5. If your hotel has a gym, hit it before breakfast. That way your workout is already in the bag and you have the rest of the day to enjoy yourself. This goes for any summer event you may have. If you know you’ve already had a good workout, your day will feel much better and happier and you’ll be more mindful of the calories you’re about to consume for the even your attending. .

You’ve worked so hard for this, don’t let a few days or weeks put you off either. Just remember this a journey, not the end destination. This is a healthy lifestyle not a diet and you’re here for a good time so enjoy it and be happy..

If you’ve gone off track for a day or so.. It’s fine.. Track it and move forward with your goals..

Yvonne Osborne

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