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Supplements, what do we & don’t we need?

Supplements, what do we & don’t we need?

Click on any online protein store & you are bombarded with supplements for everything, vitamins, fat burners, shakes & anything that they can stick in a tablet that can relate to health.

But what are the ones we actually need. Below I’ve listed my top 3 & the only 3 I count to be essential to myself.

1. Creatine – the king of supplementation, creatine monohydrate is one of the world’s highest researched & credited supplement. Proven to increase performance, power & sport. As well as increasing muscle mass & strength.

2. Protein powder – One of the most common problems we see with any nutrition client is the lack of protein in their diet. Protein is the building block for all muscle as well as aiding recover, it is also the macronutrient that makes us feel fuller for longer. In a world where convenience sometimes takes priority having a protein shake is a quick way to hit our daily goals as well as provide a nutritious and quick snack.

3. Caffeine – This one will probably come as a big surprise to most but when used correctly caffeine can be a powerful tool to aid our training. Providing us with a more natural pre workout than your usual powders & shakes.

While others all hold some level of importance they can be provided by having a balanced, nutritiousious diet full of good quality protein, carbs & fats. As with anything in the fitness industry everything is personal, what might agree with one person may not with another. Find what works for you, what your body needs & what helps you perform best.


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